Well it seems that everybody has truly noticed 2 Tours d’Horloge’s comeback! Scheduled on November 6, 7 and 8, 2020 on the Paul Ricard circuit’s F1 track, this 24-hour event, unique in the world of historic competition, is already scheduled to be full.

While the capacity of the starting grid will not exceed about sixty cars, the list of “confirmed” entrants is already filling up with about forty vehicles, whose crews are complete or in the process of being formed.

In addition, there are already some forty other “potential” entrants. This is a truly exceptional level of enthusiasm, with almost nine months to go before the competition, which should result in the closing of entries well ahead of the competition. Any latecomers have been warned!

Henri Leconte and Philippe Gache at your service

According to the drivers announced on these first 40 cars, the list of the entrants already has a few surprises in store. Former ATP N°5 Henri Leconte is expected to take over from Eric Van de Vyver, the organizer of these 2 Tours d’Horloge, at the wheel of his TVR Griffith 200, while Philippe Gache will put his pro driver’s speed at the service of “John Doe” and his Chevron B36.

The Lafargue, Beltramelli and Gruau families

For some, the 2 Tours d’Horloge will be a family affair. Patrice Lafargue, whose IDEC Sport team is the reigning champion of the European Le Mans Series, will be driving together with his son Paul (also crowned at European level) on board a magnificent Chevron B16. The same can be said of two formidable TVR Griffith 400s from the Historic Tour. In one, José Beltramelli will be relayed by his sons Brady and Viny, while in the other, Didier Gruau, 2019 French champion, will join forces with his talented heir Julien and Ghislain Gaubert.

Still keeping it in the family, the two Châteaux brothers, Matthieu and Jean-Baptiste, will be partnering in a BMW 635 CSI chartered by the parental team, while Jean-Jacques Mancel, the editor-in-chief of Berlinette Mag magazine, will share his Alpine A310 V6 with his son Cyril.

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